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Within each and every one of us lies a source of universal energy. Our goal on earth is to be able to tap into this source and use the force to fulfill our destiny. When the energy flows free and easy, we have access to unlimited universal inspiration and freedom in our daily lives.

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 Studio Series of LIVE Classes
​   Series of 60 minute studio classes focusing on the energies of the chakras. Create balance and communication between the energy centres using movements from yoga & qigong plus breathwork, meditation and self inquiry. Step into the awareness of your energy body and learn how to cultivate your unique fire. This class series is limited to max 7 participants.
Single class passes are now available!  

Spring April-June 2023
Chakras 4-7 open for registration
Class Schedule

Chakra Flow Yoga is appropriate for all levels.
 Chakra Flow Yoga classes are eligible for Qualicert reimbursement from your Zusatzversicherung
Seefeldstrasse 7A
8008 Zürich, Switzerland

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Private Online or Studio Coaching
Refine or build your personal practice the way yoga was intended. 1:1 personal coaching to reach your individual goals. We will experiment to see which practices are ideal for your unique energetic and physical composition and create a practice just for you based on elements from Qigong, Vinyasa, Yin or Kundalini, with a special emphasis on Restorative Yoga for deep relaxation. Experience the difference a 1:1 session makes in elevating your body & breath awareness, improving stress levels and your overall concentration.
The Energy Lab is especially recommended for those who want to work efficiently with their limited free time for the best results and desire a premium solo yoga experience curated exactly to their individual yogic needs. 
Contact me for a consultation to figure out the best way for you to meet your goals on the mat and beyond. Private Sessions are taught in English or German
 Multipacks are eligible for Qualicert reimbursement from your Zusatzversicherung
Seefeldstrasse 7A
8008 Zürich, Switzerland

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Simple Breathwork and Meditation 
Learn the secrets to cultivating an elevated mood, improve your concentration, lower blood pressure, calm nerves and prepare your mind for peaceful sleep. In this class series at the American Women's Club in Zurich, I will guide you through a variety of seated meditation techniques that you can easily recreate at home. Anyone can learn how to do these practices, but don't be fooled, they are extremely effective when practiced regularly. 

Dates: February 24, March 3, April 21, May 19 & June 30 from 13.00-13.45

This monthly meditation circle is free for all members of the American Women's Club and a nominal donation will be asked of non-members to attend
Non-members: first 3 sessions free and then CHF 10-20 donation/session
Anyone can become a member of the AWCZ if you speak English.  



Restorative Afternoon Retreats in Zürich

Take time for yourself to rest in quiet.  In this 2 hour Afternoon Retreat luxuriate in calming breathwork & restorative yoga poses that can reset your nervous system and leave you feeling like you took a week vacation in a far away place. Save the money for the long flight to paradise and and do something good for yourself by joining the next trip back to your source.  

Friday June 9 from 15.30-17.30

Yoga Nation 

Limited to 4 participants 

Online Registration


My mission is to inspire and empower you to live your best life through an accessible and simple practice that will promote self awareness, authenticity and love towards oneself and others.

"I have been a seeker, and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my Soul." Rumi


Julie Bartholomew Rath

200 hour Yoga Alliance certified with Brett Larkin Uplifted Yoga

300 hour Yoga Alliance certified with Brett Larkin Uplifted Yoga 

50 hour Yoga Alliance Yin Yoga certified with Bernie Clark

300 hour Yoga Alliance ​Radiant Body Yoga with Kia Miller Kundalini Yoga (in progress)

200 hour Kundalini University (Bridge Participant) with Guru Singh & Brett Larkin

200 hour Tier One Holden Qigong Certified Teacher

300 hour Shakti Ayurveda School (in progress)

Qualicert Krankenkasse Certification

Restorative Yoga with Tiffany Cruikshank's Yoga Medicine, Judith Hanson Lasater & Cyndi Lee


Professional opera singer based at Opernhaus Zürich, Switzerland originally from the Chicago burbs, USA. 

Yoga found me in 1998 and ever since, I have been curious practicing various yoga styles from teachers in New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Kansas City and Zürich, Switzerland: Vinyasa to Kundalini, Jivamukti to Kripalu. 

I am excited to teach you what I have learned and practiced over the last 25 years to overcome stage anxiety, weak concentration, low energy and not believing in my own power. WIth a daily commitment to yourself, you will also learn to focus your power, create and transform stale energy into flowing energy and create a new awareness for your body and mind that awakens and opens up a new world of freedom.



Feedback from the Community

My first experience with yoga started with Julie. Her combination of yoga, qigong, and meditation is perfect for my needs from the perspective of body work, body awareness and relaxation. Julie conveys a depth of experience and joy in her teachings and has convinced me completely of the benefits of a daily practice which has become the highlight of my day!

Stefanie, Switzerland

I have been practicing yoga since 2010 but just as a physical experience. Since I began to practice yoga with Julie, I understand what yoga is about. Julie is not "just" a yoga teacher, she has helped me to use yoga and meditation as a lifestyle. I cannot imagine to live without yoga now. I am very thankful for everything that my practice has brought into my life.

Rosy, Switzerland

I have enjoyed every minute of Julie's classes and have benefited greatly from them. The classes are totally relaxing and calming so that I can find the perfect mental balance. Whether it's Kundalini or guided meditation, you always will leave class with a blissful feeling afterwards. I never want to miss a Flowing Meditation class!

Verena, Germany



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